Scott Michael Nathan

Multidisciplinary Artist, Writer & Raconteur in Los Angeles

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The Big Book of Bad Decisions

A collection of tragicomic vignettes from the hilarious true adventures of Scott Michael Nathan, The Big Book of Bad Decisions follows the equation Tragedy + Time = Comedy — and features bad dates, great sex, kidnapping, celebrities and, of course, mushrooms at the Vatican.

Like an East of Doheny Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Scott Nathan’s life reads like an east of Doheny Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m not sure how he’s made so many bad decisions but I’m glad he did so we can be entertained!— Zooey Deschanel

A Natural-Born Misfit-Magnet

“Scott Nathan has been regaling me with his unspeakably filthy, raucous stories for decades now. I always wonder how he gets himself in these predicaments, but the truth is, he’s a natural born misfit-magnet.”— Dita Von Teese

Lo and Behold… It’s All True

“I thought there was no way this redhead could get into so much mischief and debauchery, but lo and behold… it’s all true. I often refer to Scott as a more charismatic, slightly more articulate Forrest Gump.”— Jack Osbourne

An Almost Preternatural Gift

“I’ve known Scott Nathan for years and must say, he has an almost preternatural gift for making bad decisions.”— Dr. Drew Pinsky

Great Read!

“Nathan can’t throw for shit, but he’s the only guy I know who can smash 100 MPH fastballs while on mushrooms. Great read!”— Brad Penny, World Series Champion Pitcher

About Scott

Scott Nathan is an award winning photographer, director, and video artist based in Los Angeles. His groundbreaking “Confessional” series opened to sellout crowds and critical acclaim at the prestigious Frieze Art Fair in LA in 2019.

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Scott Nathan is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and raconteur in Los Angeles.

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